Litigation is about problem solving. And some problems cannot be solved without litigation. Solving problems means the drive and ability to “go the distance” without ever losing sight of the goal. For that reason, TVA prides itself on finding creative solutions to our clients’ problems.

Because everything begins and ends with our clients, we are highly accessible and responsive when you need us, not just when it’s convenient for us. And if our clients are not satisfied, neither are we.

Nothing is left to chance. We thoroughly prepare, research and constantly ask tough questions. We probe for weaknesses in our own position as much we do in our opponents’. To use a sports analogy, we “leave everything on the field.”

The common theme among our litigation clients is an appreciation for TVA’s exceptional legal acumen and skills coupled with a level of client attention and responsiveness too often lacking from other firms. Whether you need a zealous advocate to represent you or your business in a “bet-the-company” lawsuit or someone to advise you regarding the sale of your business, TVA’s skill set is truly unmatched.

“Tom Vogele is a brilliant and effective attorney. His effectiveness stems not only from his legal expertise, but also from his many years as a successful entrepreneur. His practical business experience gives him unparalleled insight into his clients’ needs and their situations, something other attorneys simply do not possess. I cannot recommend a more qualified and trustworthy ally, whether you need a litigator or trusted business advisor.”

Perry Simpson, President of 5 Star Web, Inc. dba Razorama.