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TVA Successfully Reverses $5.1 Million Judgment on a Missing Promissory Note

TVA’s client Bill Dohr gave a $15 million promissory note to buy a real-estate development company from his partner and father-in-law, Bob Lintz. Given their close ongoing business and personal relationship — and because the California real-estate market in the early 2000s was flowing with milk and honey — the parties were not terribly concerned with documenting the payments on the note. But after Lintz’s health declined, his fourth ex-wife and then fifth wife (long story) usurped control of the trust, stole millions from Lintz, and sued Bill on the note, in a case styled Shapiro v. Dohr, et al. Read More

David Beats Goliath: TVA recovers client’s investment and return from non-performing developer

In the heady last days of the real estate boom, before what became known as the Great Recession, investors were lured into what appeared to be guaranteed deals with promises of high returns and low risk. As we all learned, there is no such thing as a guaranteed real estate deal.In August 2007, a developer sought investors for a commercial project in Orange County. TVA’s client, Jerry Fuller, and two other family members, invested $700,000 in exchange for a promise that their money would be repaid in two years plus a guaranteed 32% return. As further inducement, the developer personally Read More

TVA Wins Mandatory Injunction Against Shell Pipeline Company

TVA’s clients bought a 138-acre parcel across the street from Meadows Field airport, a property hoped to be the “window to the city” of Bakersfield. When undisclosed Shell and Chevron pipelines were found and they refused to relocate them, however, development ground to a halt. After several months of stalemate, this “window” property showed nothing but the power pipeline operators wield in Kern County. TVA sued the operators in federal court for the Eastern District of California in C & C Properties, Inc., et al., v. Shell Pipeline Co., et al. TVA immediately moved the court for a preliminary injunction Read More

TVA Prevents a CA Turnover Order by Filing Suit in NV

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. —Will Rogers You might have the law on your side, but it is not enough to be right — you also have to be first. That is what took TVA recently to the Nevada-side of Lake Tahoe, in Washoe County. Our client had a multimillion-dollar judgment against him, and everyone knew the judgment creditor was after our client’s stock in a valuable real-estate corporation to take control of the assets before we could reverse the judgment (and we did). And under California law, the Read More

TVA Reverses Judgment, Recovers Elderly Woman’s Retirement

A retired music teacher came to TVA desperate because her retirement had just been stolen from her. She was the owner of a productive $420,000 promissory note that provided her regular monthly payments. A few years ago, she needed a small loan, and to make the payments she temporarily assigned her note. But when she paid the loan and asked for her note back, the lender refused. Instead, he pointed out that one of the loan documents used the word “sale” when referring to the note, and he ignored the other language and the documents clearly describing it as security Read More